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Hello, Lockdown 2.0

Here we are again. I originally titled this post “Surviving another lockdown” but actually, while at times we may feel we need survival skills to battle through the isolation or long days, that doesn’t mean there can’t be a little happiness found in such a time. Not to trivialise it of course; there are parents of pre-schoolers with no support groups open, pregnant women who can’t attend antenatal classes in person, family members who can’t visit loved ones in care and those who live alone feeling isolated once more. It’s just not a great place to be. I’ve written this poem from the heart for those who may need a bit of a boost.

Finding joy in 2020

Embrace the slow life,

If you can.

Sip coffee, doodle, reflect, journal,

And just be.

Technology at your fingertips, to keep in touch

With loved ones, who you miss so much.

But at the end of the day knowing,

You’ll be together again soon.

Shop small, local, sustainably, joyously.

Sustaining each other this year, as a community.

Walks with a friend, just one,

And maybe a tot or two.

Spend a little longer lingering,

On the scent of your baby,

Your lover, or your pet.

Take some extra time

To make memories.

Or just live, breathe, be in the moment,

The best way that only you can.

Hear the leaves crunching,

Smell the tea brewing,

See the frost forming.

Knowing that the glow of Christmas is close,

And the warmth of a new Spring just beyond.

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